In response to Maine’s new statewide public health infrastructure, Katahdin Area Partnership in Millinocket, S.P.R.I.N.T. for Life in Lincoln and the River Coalition in Old Town joined together to form Partnership for a Healthy Northern Penobscot -  a local Healthy Maine Partnership.


Local Healthy Maine Partnerships are funded to implement comprehensive community-level interventions that promote and support a healthier lifestyle.  Interventions emphasize developing policies and making changes to the local environment.  At the local level PHNP is working with individuals, businesses, schools, health care providers, community organizations and state partners on the following specific health issues identified as state priorities:


Tobacco Prevention

  • Strong partnerships have been formed with community organizations to promote the danger of tobacco use and secondhand smoke.  Educational opportunities have gradually increased to include training for staff and parents of local ChildCare Centers, education at Family Day and Family Night events, Senior Lunch & Learns, and presentations at local business and fraternal organizations. 

  • Tobacco-Free policies have been implemented for outdoor recreational playing fields in our area and several community events.  New Tobacco-Free Playing Area signage has been installed at the Old Town Recreation Field, Old Town/Orono YMCA Playing Fields, Knights of Columbus Little League Field, Riverfront Park Playground, and the Old Town High School Football field and community trail.


  • Physical Activity


  • Nutrition and Healthy Weight


  • Asthma


  • Diabetes


  • Cardiovascular Health


  • Cancer Control


  • Substance Abuse, and


  • Coordinated School Health


As your local Healthy Maine Partnership, our goal is to bring together a coalition of local people to improve the health and quality of life in our communities through sharing ideas; assessing the community health status, strengths and needs; providing technical assistance to schools and worksites, and developing plans to create and support healthy communities.