Club Discovery is an after-school literacy program currently being offered at the Old Town Public Library for area youth in grades 2-5.  Club Discovery incorporates both literacy and critical thinking skills through the use of books and a wide variety of adventure based and creative arts activities. 


Using fun, interactive programming based upon the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, Club Discovery provide opportunities for youth to make positive choices, increase self-confidence and develop literacy, language, communication and academic skills that are crucial to their lifelong growth.  Youth have the opportunity to experience and practice leadership, teamwork, problem-solving and conflict resolution.  During the school year a direct connection is made between local elementary schools and Club Discovery.  Elementary school teachers and the Children’s Librarian work together to encourage reading to improve each child’s skill level. 


The club was started three years ago with 12-15 children attending weekly and has seen attendance increase to an average of 55 children attending every week.